Smart but Scattered 培育善解人意的孩子

05/10/2018Inclusive Practice and Support:From Preschooler to Teenager1.5 points2 points3 points
06/10/2018Effective Strategies and Practices for Inclusive Preschool Classrooms3 points3 points7 points
06-08/10/20183-Day PEERS Certified Provider Training for Adolescents (Parent-Assisted)9 points8 points21 points21 points
19/01/2019Aquatic Balance Training For Healthy and Frail Elderly3 points
14,15,20,21,27,28/02/2019基礎課程:幼兒中心與學校施行引導式教育9 points8 points
22/03/2019「友來友往」(PEERS®)社交訓練課程本地經驗分享工作坊pending1 point2 points2 points
11,18/05/20192-day Workshop on Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention12 points
13/05/2019Workshop on Management of diplegic cerebral palsy6 points5 points
5-7/07/2019Smart but Scattered
10,17/08/20192-day Workshop on Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention【課程已經滿額】12 points
2-6/12/2019An IBITA Certified 15-day Basic Course The Assessment & Treatment of Adult with Neurological Conditions- The Bobath Concept【課程已經滿額】18 points15 points
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